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Hovo 510 Plus Package Content

Hovo 510 Plus

Hovo 510 Plus is a multi-function robotic vacuum cleaner has strong cleaning power and comes with 3 HEPA filters which help purify the air in your home for a cleaner, safer living environment. It comes with a user friendly interface to easily perform the following functions:

1. Just push one button to do AUTO cleaning, SPOT cleaning or mopping

2. Handy remote control unit with LCD display to control cleaner operations, movements plus cleaning and power it On/Off

3. Easy to set up pre-programmed schedule with remote control to do cleaning any time you want

4. When battery power is low, it will return to charging station and re-charge its battery automatically

5. Two movement speeds and easy to read error code on remote to indicate abnormal conditions

6. Soft-touched and non-collision obstacle detection to protect furniture in your home